Chicago Structural Art Fieldtrip

Monadnock BuildingProfessor David Corr recently took 25 students from the new Structural Art course (CIV_ENV 395) to downtown Chicago to experience local examples of structural art in person.  Corr explains the concept of structural art and the importance of a field trip to this course: “Chicago has many outstanding examples of structural art, which we define through the social, symbolic, and scientific impact of the structures.  We have seen images of these structures during lecture, but there is no substitute for vising a structure in person when evaluating its candidacy as structural art.” 

During the tour they visited the Monadnock Building, The Rookery, The Inland Steel BuildThe Rookerying, the Kluczyski Federal Building, and the John Hancock Center.  Corr adds, “all of these buildings were scientifically groundbreaking at the time they were constructed, have clear social benefit, and have become symbols of Chicago in many ways.” 

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