Environmental Engineering Senior Received Three Awards at Undergraduate Symposium

Kimberly Huynh, Environmental Engineering senior, received the highest three awards at the Chicago Area Undergraduate Symposium (CAURS) 2014. These honors included: Top Poster Presentation, Top Presenter from Math, Computer Sciences, Engineering, and Physics and Top Presenter from Northwestern University. Composed of students from Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, DePaul University, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the Illinois Institute of Technology, CAURS is one of the largest undergraduate research conferences in the nation. Annually, it draws in hundreds of students from all disciplines from science to the humanities. The poster that she presented revolved around her senior honors thesis investigating how to visualize dissolved oxygen concentrations on submerged surfaces using oxygen-sensitive paints, with the objective of understanding oxygen distributions in sediment beds.

In addition to pursuing a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering, Kimberly is currently in the BS/MS program with MS in mechanical engineering.  Kimberly intends to pursue a PhD to research environmental fluid mechanics and hydrology.