CEE Seniors Complete Extraordinary Capstone Design

Nick Villareal, Jessica Lee, Emma Novak, and Capstone Award winner Cameron Manning pose with their physical model of the Central Green site

Senior undergraduates in both the Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering BS programs recently completed their projects for Capstone Design (CIV_ENV 382-1,2).  The design challenge this year was to reenvision a 40+ acre site of northeast Evanston as a sustainable and inclusive eco-district.  The interdisciplinary course saw students collaboratively pursue the development of the site they named Central Green, through an assembly of 3-4 person teams focused on specific contributions such as site design, signature building design, water systems design, green infrastructure, and mobility system design.  The course is taught by Prof. David Corr and assisted by Teaching Assistant and CEE Ph.D. candidate Daniel Stockard, with contributions from many design mentors among the CEE faculty and professional community.  See below for some of the outstanding visuals from the final presentation of this exciting design. 

Overview of water flows in the stormwater park developed by the green infrastructure (GI Joe's) and water systems (H2GO!) teamsInterior of a signature building on Central Green by the Slants & Plants team.Non-linear driving paths (in red) to control vehicular speed, developed by the BPA mobility team