The graduate programs stress conceptual and quantitative approaches to the analysis of transportation and related systems.The graduate programs stress conceptual and quantitative approaches to the analysis of transportation and related systems.

Graduate Study
Transportation Systems Analysis & Planning
Transportation Systems Analysis & Planning

Enabling the Transportation Revolution

MS in Transportation Systems Analysis and Planning at Northwestern prepares our graduates with sound fundamentals, in order to create transportation systems analysts who can address the needs that stem from the development of transportation systems in the new era.

The program builds on the strengths of the world-renowned transportation systems faculty and leading firms in the industry. Students will have the opportunity to interact with a large network of faculty members, industry partners, and alumni through the Transportation Center, a prominent research and education hub of transportation in the U.S.

  • Join a new generation of transportation systems engineers
  • Experience a broad curriculum in theory and practice
  • Interact with leading firms in the transportation industry
  • Develop cutting-edge analytical skills through faculty-guided research
  • Lead the unfolding revolution in transportation

Transportation Fundamentals

Series of seven courses designed to provide students with the core knowledge and analytical skills in transportation systems. Includes:  transportation engineering, transportation systems analysis, transportation policy and planning, travel demand modeling, traffic flow theory, and infrastructure management.

Transportation Tracks

TRN students can complement their core knowledge with five elective courses that can focus on one of four tracks:  Transportation Science and Systems, Operations Research and Logistics, Travel Demand Analysis, and Urban Planning and Policy.

Seminars & Career Fair

Bi-weekly Transportation Center Seminars are organized for MS and Ph.D. students. Transportation Center also hosts a range of activities, including bi-annual Business Advisory Council meetings and Patterson Lectures, which are open to MS TRN students to employers. In addition, the Department organizes two career fairs annually to connect students to employers. 

Alumni Network

TRN alumni hold positions in transportation consultant firms, government agencies, and tech firms in Chicago and across the U.S.:  McMaster Carr, Ricondo & Associates, Argonne National Lab, Royal Thai Government, New York City Transit, Citilabs, Airbiz, Atkins, Conductor de Travaux, HTNB, and Jacobs.

Why You Should Apply: Technologies are triggering an unprecedented wave of innovations in transportation. Automation, electrification, and sharing economy are expected to completely reshape the landscape of the industry. At the helm of this revolution, transportation systems engineers must learn and develop new ways to plan, design, operate, and regulate the transportation systems in the new era. The MS curriculum in Transportation Systems Analysis and Planning at Northwestern provides you with the tools, methods, and preparation to meet the challenges of this renaissance.

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