CIV_ENV 495-0-18: Environmental Particles &Surface Chemistry

Quarter Offered

Spring : MWF 10:00-10:50 ; Aristilde


Natural particles such as mineral precipitates, mineral oxides, clay minerals, and organo-mineral composites facilitate the cycling of important elements in the environment, facilitate nutrient availability for agricultural productivity, buffer the adverse effects of climatic conditions in lakes and oceans, and mediate transport and degradation of contaminants in environmental processes. This course covers the surface chemistry of these particles, including fundamental concepts and applications of chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, and molecular spectroscopy in particle characterization.

Learning Goals:

  • To evaluate the role of particles in environmental processes
  • To understand interactions of mineral particles in natural soils and waters
  • To learn how to determine chemical kinetics and equilibrium of particles
  • To become familiar with key techniques in chemical characterization
  • To link particle characteristics to engineered processes

Course Grading:

Homework sets (2) 80 (16%)
Case Study 1 120 (24%)
Case Study 2 120 (24%)
Quizzes (4) 140 (28%)
Participation 40 (8%)
Total 500