CIV_ENV 385-2: Architectural Engineering & Design 2: Intermediate



Junior or senior standing or permission of instructor; CIV_ENV 385-1


The core of the Winter Quarter is an Individual Studio Design Project. This project will focus on creating a 68,000 square foot elementary school in Evanston that serves approximately 400 students. Students will investigate the project site and develop a response to its context and climate.  A comprehensive, graphical program analysis will familiarize students with required educational components.  Floor plans drawing studies and 3-Dimensional massing models will develop the designs. Students will complete an analysis of their project’s structural system elements with an emphasis on sustainable mass timber.

Studio goals include developing a viable architectural project parti, the design of a school that is inspiring for the entire community and becomes a tool for learning. Students will explore how educational spaces might respond to contemporary culture, and work to understand how the school program transforms into a building. The project will focus on how building and site reinforce each other. The class will research how to comply with local zoning and building codes. There will be an initial design study for a prototypical classroom with emphasis on furniture layout, future flexibility, and natural lighting. Students will develop a structural system that is efficient and cost effective. Finally, the class will research and select materials for the exterior and interior that a durable and sustainable. These materials will be developed further into exterior envelope details that describe how the building is constructed.

The Studio will culminate in a final graphical presentation of drawings, rendered images and physical models.


Max enrollment 15 with Permission Number. Held in Tech L441. (Priority will be given to students pursuing the AED minor.



Madea, John. The Laws of Simplicity. 1st ed. MIT, 2006.


Max enroll 15 with permission number. Held in TECH L441

Class Time:

4 hr/wk

Course Outline, Outcomes and Goals