CIV_ENV 385-1: Architectural Engineering & Design 1: Fundamentals

Quarter Offered

Fall : TTH 4:00-5:50 ; Cyphers / Booth


Junior or senior standing or permission of instructor


The goal of this 2-year program of Design Studio/Seminars/Research is to give students a strong, comprehensive and broad understanding of architecture, design, and engineering in the context of our present world. The program will focus on integration of design + engineering, design methods, history, creative thinking, and research while requiring students to realize designs individually as well as working in teams. The program seeks to reinforce creative engineering for future engineers or lead to a Masters in Architecture at an Architecture Graduate Program.
  • The main focus of the Quarter is an Individual Studio Design Project which is a small single family residence located on a site in Evanston.
  • Students will participate in digital and physical modeling, freehand drawing and structural analysis.
  • Course goals include developing the students abilities in design thinking & synthesis, critical judgement, graphics, digital & spatial visualization and teamwork decision making.


Conceptual Blockbusting, James Adams, ISBN: 978-0738205373

Course Outline, Outcomes and Goals