CIV_ENV 346: Ecohydrology

Quarter Offered

Winter : MW 12:30-1:50 (Lab: F 12:30-1:50) ; Packman


Interactions between water and ecosystems in freshwater, terrestrial, and urban . Feedbacks between ecological and hydrological processes. Engineering of ecosystems such as constructed wetlands, green roofs, and other green infrastructure for resilient and sustainable water management.

After taking this course, students will:

  1. Understand key interactions between water and ecosystems, including linkages and feedbacks between ecological and hydrological processes
  2. Understand how coupling between physical, chemical, and biological processes controls ecosystem structure and function
  3. Understand the strategies used to engineer ecosystems as green infrastructure in urban and rural environments, and the implications of conventional and green infrastructure for resilience and sustainability
  4. Be able to quantitatively assess, simulate, and predict essential aspects of linkages between ecosystems and hydrology, including both natural and constructed ecosystems
  5. Be able to design green infrastructure for urban water management, biodiversity, and climate adaptation


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