CIV_ENV 323-0: Structural Steel Design

Quarter Offered

Spring : TBD (Lab: TBD) ; Alarcon


216 and 221 or equivalent


This course will discuss the selection of member sizes for flexural, compression, and tensile member, design of bolted and weld connections for shear and axial forces; use of AISC Steel Construction Manual is required and LRFD concept is used.

Course Objectives

  1. Describe the requirements of a properly designed structural steel structure
  2. Describe the methodologies that govern strength design
  3. Complete design of a tensile system (member sizing and weld or fastener connection design).
  4. Complete design of a flexural member (bending, shear, lateral torsion buckling, etc.)
  5. Complete design of a compression member (column)
  6. Present design calculations in professional manner

Course Goals:

To design fundamental components of structural steel structures in compliance with AISC Specification for Structural Steel Building (AISC 360), July 2016.

Evaluation Method

  • 20% Homework and Class Participation
  • 40% Quiz (unannounced) and Tests
  • 35% Final Exam
  • 5% Instructor Assessment


No Formal Text

Course Outline, Outcomes, and Goals