CIV_ENV 308-0: Environmental Justice

Quarter Offered

Spring : F 4:00-6:50 ; Harley


This course will begin by examining evidence that there is not equal environmental protection in this country and by analyzing why this inequality exists.  Course participants will then review initiatives by activists, regulators and regulated polluters to respond to evidence of environmental injustice, with special attention to the perspectives of grassroots organizations, the U.S. EPA and its state counterparts, and businesses that operate where the problems are most severe.  The course will also explore why civil and human rights have become increasingly important aspects of environmental protection activities in other global settings.  Throughout, this course will examine the often complicated relationship between three defining social justice initiatives of our times – the civil rights, human rights and environmental movements.


Environmental Justice: Key Issues in Environment and Sustainibility, 1st Ed. 2020, ISBN: 9780367139933