Students learn skills in structural analysis, architectural design, sustainable systems engineering, and information technology.Students learn skills in structural analysis, architectural design, sustainable systems engineering, and information technology.

Architectural Engineering & Design Minor
Curriculum & Requirements

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Required Courses

Students who wish to earn and complete the Architectural Engineering and Design Minor are required to take eight courses in total.

AED Seminar -- 1 required unit 

  • The AED seminar, spanning over the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters (280-1,2,3), includes lectures from architects, engineers, and construction managers from renowned firms in the Chicago area and beyond, focusing on the large topic of sustainability in the built environment. In the Winter and Spring Quarters, students conduct independent research on a topic of their choice related to sustainability, which they present in the last class of the Spring quarter. Students are required to create and print a summary booklet of their research to distribute to the audience. Students will work with a faculty adviser on their research. The combination of the lectures and student work over the three quarters accounts for a total of 1 unit (0.33 units per quarter). The AED seminar is intended as a sequence and should be taken sequentially. It is strongly suggested to take the sequence in the senior year.

Core Studio Courses –– 3 required units

Students must attend the three design studio courses: 

The Design Studio courses are intended as a sequence and must be taken as such. It is strongly suggested to attend the sequence in the junior year.

Architecture History Courses –– Choose 1 unit

  • CIV_ENV 220 – Structural Art
  • ART_HIST 232 – Introduction to the History of Architecture and Design, 1400 to Present
  • ART_HIST 370-1 – Modern Architecture survey
  • ART_HIST 370-2 – Contemporary Architecture survey


Design & Analysis Techniques –– Choose 3 units

Students must choose three of  the following courses: 

  • CIV_ENV 387 – Design of Sustainable Urban Districts (*)
  • CIV_ENV 386 – High-Performance Building Design (*)
  • CIV_ENV 388-1– Building Science 1: Theory for Sustainable Buildings
  • CIV_ENV 388-2 – Building Science 2: Applications for Sustainable Buildings
  • CIV_ENV 353– Energy Geostructures and Geosystems (*)
  • CIV_ENV 368– Sustainability: The City
  • CIV_ENV 325– Reinforced Concrete Design
  • CIV_ENV 323– Structural Steel Design
  • CIV_ENV 352– Foundation Engineering

    The courses with an (*) are design-based courses.

Additional Conditions for Earning minor 

  • Maintenance of GPA of 2.0 or above in courses required for this certificate.
  • Courses with grades lower than a “C” will not be accepted.
  • Complete the Declaration of Petition to Receive the Minor in Architectural Engineering and Design form.
  • The declaration form must be completed two weeks before the beginning of the final undergraduate quarter.