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Cooperative Engineering Education Program

The Walter P. Murphy Cooperative Engineering Education (Co-op) Program is one of the most prestigious co-op programs in the country. You will receive an engineering degree from one of the best universities in the country plus up to 18 months of engineering experience in industry.

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What is co-op?The co-op program offers up to 18 months of engineering work experience.


Co-op is an educational program which allows engineering students to alternate periods of academic study with full-time periods of paid work experience related to their academic and professional goals.


Co-op Stories

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How do I find out more about co-op?

Your career advisor can work with you in all aspects of your participation in the program:

  • Deciding whether to enroll in co-op
  • Preparing your application materials (resumes, cover letters, etc.)
  • Researching companies and job search strategies for co-op, internships, and beyond
  • Interview preparation
  • Monitoring your progress with your employer
  • Future career planning based on work-integrated learning experiences

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How does co-op work?

You will be registered in a non-credit course during work periods in order to maintain full-time student status, and your experience becomes part of your academic history.

Since you will maintain full-time student status, you can remain covered under your family's health and auto insurance at student rates, and your student loans will not go into repayment.

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Co-Op Student Qualifications

  • Has completed CRDV301: Introduction to Career Development
  • Is in good academic standing according to University standards
  • International students wishing to participate in co-op will need to confer with their academic advisor and the International Office to confirm their eligibility

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Co-op Student Benefits

  • An in-depth look at a specific company over 3 - 6 academic quarters
  • A competitive wage commensurate with the position
  • Evaluation of performance on a quarterly basis
  • Individualized guidance from an Engineering Career Development career advisor
  • Full-time student status during work terms
  • Eligible for a tuition discount in the final year of study
  • Eligible to live in campus housing during work terms
  • Eligible, under some circumstances, to receive a co-op remission grant, which offsets the tuition increase for a fifth year of enrollment
  • Opportunity to be nominated for the Co-op Student of the Year award
  • Co-op certificate awarded upon successful completion of the program

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Co-op Student data

  • Click here to see salary information for co-op, top companies students have worked at, top industries students work in, and more.

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