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CRDV Enrollment & Grading

CRDV Courses

While participating in one of Engineering Career Development's programs, you will be registered as a full-time or half-time student for one of the following zero credit, zero cost courses:

Cooperative Engineering Education (Co-op)

Undergraduate: CRDV310
Graduate: CRDV410

Engineering Internship Program

Undergraduate: CRDV311
Graduate: CRDV411

Projects in Service Learning

Undergraduate: CRDV312
Graduate: CRDV412

Engineering Research Project

Undergraduate: CRDV313
Graduate: CRDV413

The first time at your employer will be a -1 (CRDV310-1) course, and will increase with each additional quarter with the same employer (CRDV310-2, etc).

A second internship or co-op quarter with a new employer will begin the sequence with -1.

Grading Policies

The CRDV course you are enrolled in will appear on your transcript. Your grade for each work term will be based on the following criteria:

"S" grade

"S" is issued when you have completed your Learning Agreement, your Final Report, and your supervisor has completed the evaluation of your performance.

"U" grade

"U" is issued when your Final Report is not completed OR your Learning Agreement is not completed.