Teaching Faculty

Photo of Casey Ankeny

Casey Ankeny

Assistant Dean for The Graduate School Master’s Programs

Associate Professor of Instruction in Biomedical Engineering

Associate Director of Northwestern Center for Engineering Education Research

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Photo of David Gatchell

David Gatchell

Clinical Professor in Biomedical Engineering

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Photo of Ken Gentry

Ken Gentry

Professor of Instruction in the McCormick Office of Undergraduate Engineering

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Photo of David O'Neill

David O'Neill

Associate Professor of Instruction

Michael Jaharis Director of Experiential Learning

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Photo of Suzanne Olds

Suzanne Olds

Undergraduate Program Chair

Assistant Chair of Biomedical Engineering

Professor of Instruction of Biomedical Engineering

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Photo of Edward Voboril

Edward Voboril

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Chairperson, NUvention