BME 407-0-01: Experimental Design and Measurement, formerly 495-0-60

Quarter Offered

Winter : MW 3:30-4:50pm ; Perreault


Introductory quantitative skills required to conduct experimental research and analyze resulting data. Principles of measurement, modeling of experimental data, and statistical design of experiments.

Who Takes It?

First or second year PhD students in BME. Students should have completed one course in statistics.


  • principles of measurement
  • modeling of experimental data
  • statistical design of experiments
  • principles of good experimental design including blocking, randomization, and replication
  • common experimental designs including fixed factor, continuous factor, random factor, mixed-effect and nested designs.



Teaching methods

Examples and projects will be drawn from across the field of BME. Students will complete a final project that provides an opportunity to apply the principles taught in the course to an open-ended biomedical research problem.