Graduate Study
Biomedical Engineering (MS)
Curriculum & Requirements

Graduate programs are administered by The Graduate School (TGS), so there are both The Graduate School and Biomedical Engineering Department requirements to satisfy for the degree. The Department of Biomedical Engineering has a non-thesis MS and a thesis MS. Both have separate requirements that are explained on this page.

Core Curriculum

All master's students have to fulfill the following curriculum:

Thesis MS Requirements

The thesis MS program requires students to take nine courses and takes two years to complete. The MS with thesis program is targeted toward students who are interested in pursuing both coursework and independent study.


  • Total of five engineering courses, including Systems Physiology
  • Additional courses that you will select with your adviser
  • 1 course may be BMD_ENG 499. 
  • Dissertation: A peer-reviewed journal article with the student submitted as a primary author or a written thesis document.

Non-Thesis MS Requirements

The non-thesis MS program requires students to take 12 courses, and takes three quarters to complete.


  • 7 courses in Engineering/Math/Science (5 must be engineering)
  • Additional courses that you will select with your adviser
  • Up to 2 courses may be BMD_ENG 499. Only one BMD_ENG 499 may be taken per quarter.
  • Final Exam: BMD_ENG 499 Project and a 25 page report or 3 project courses