2023-2024 Cohort

Photo of Hannah Simmons

Hannah Simmons

Hannah Simmons graduated from Kenyon College in 2019 with a BA in Mathematics, minor in Chemistry, and concentration in Scientific Computing. Following an innate interest in medicine, Hannah joined a biomedical engineering research group at the Cleveland Clinic where she used artificial neural networks to identify patterns in mesenchymal stromal cell growth with the goal of accelerating the development of cell-based therapies in musculoskeletal diseases. Collaborations with a clinical orthopaedic research group as a data analyst and joining an immuno-oncology lab inspired Hannah to professionally pursue the intersection of the fields she loves.

Upon completing the MSAI program, Hannah aspires to develop AI based models to advance biomedical research, potentially by building a better understanding of the molecular bases of oncogenesis and drug treatment responses. Eventually, she hopes to help guide the implementation of such statistical models into the delivery of healthcare and uncover ways that technology can be leveraged to improve both the quality and accessibility of medical care across the world.