2023-2024 Cohort

Photo of Aaryansh Sahay

Aaryansh Sahay

Aaryansh Sahay has previously worked at Tata Communications, where he was a part of the Artificial Intelligence Centre Of Excellence (AICOE) team. Here, he introduced a new ai - based cybersecurity tool to monitor and flag malicious users. He ideated and led the development process by reverse engineering existing products and employed a multifaceted approach, harnessing numerous machine learning models in parallel to capture a user's overall behavior. Aaryansh started off as an intern but was later converted to a full time position to conclude the prototype.

He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Data Science from NMIMS, Mumbai, in 2023. Prior to working at Tata Communications, He interned at Piramal Glass (now known as PGP Glass) where he was a part of the Data Science Team who were trying to study the factors responsible for causing defects in the production line and consequently decreasing the defects and in turn decreasing the losses conjured by the organization. He has also worked as a freelancer and built various Ai based automation tools which were enjoyed by people around the globe. He gained valuable insights by volunteering to work at a startup in his first year of undergraduate studies where he was tasked with building a small scale web scraping software.

He is a proficient engineer and has profound understanding of the hows & the whys, with a keen interest in Explainable Ai, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Generative Networks & Statistical Analysis. Apart from that, in his free time he crafts personal ai based internet of things (iot) projects and authors articles on algorithms, sharing his insights with a broader audience.