2023-2024 Cohort

Photo of Sai Ganesh Nellore

Sai Ganesh Nellore

Sai Ganesh previously worked as an AI Project Researcher at [Zoho Corporation], where he worked on a novel research project that incorporated domain specific knowledge to enhance traditional deep learning training techniques. He also has good work experience as an AI Engineer and as a Data Science Intern at a tech startup called Easycrop.

Sai Ganesh received his Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering (AI) from [Amrita School of Engineering], India. During his time there, he undertook numerous [Projects], including one where he implemented a Hand Gesture Detection Based Real-Time Indian Sign Language Recognition Chat System in collaboration with [UMANG Indian e-Governance Services].

He has also published research work on the fields of machine learning and IoT.

His research interests are in the areas of Generative AI, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision. He is also interested in working on interesting projects from various other fields that can leverage Machine Learning and AI. He is looking forward to a great opportunity to collaborate on projects that promote AI innovation.