2023-2024 Cohort

Photo of Meixi Lu

Meixi Lu

Meixi has worked as a software engineer, building ERP systems at Cisco and Wiwide, and most recently, developing AI applications for efficient creative production for the design and marketing industry at Tezign. There she also worked on the MLOps infrastructure behind these AI applications to ensure they complied with service-level agreements. Through her commercial interactions, she gained a focus on the economic viability of AI innovations and an application-oriented mindset.

Meixi deeply appreciates the potential impact of AI and believes it can play an indispensable role in more essential areas like healthcare and assistive technology. She is excited to explore more projects in these areas and hopes to work for inclusive labs at Google and Microsoft or related entrepreneurial companies after graduation.

Before starting her career, Meixi received a Bachelor's degree in Information Security from Shanghai Jiaotong University.