2023-2024 Cohort

Photo of Aastha Khatgarh

Aastha Khatgarh

Aastha Khatgarh was born and raised in Haryana, India. With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, she is thrilled to further progress academic journey as she starts my Master's in Artificial Intelligence at Northwestern. 

When it comes to AI, her curiosity isn't just confined to just one area. While Machine learning and Natural Language Processing have caught her eye for their broad applications, she is truly excited to explore other subfields as well, be it robotics, computer vision or ethical AI. The endless possibilities of impactful projects are exhilarating to think about. 

Leaving her home and family to start this new chapter came with mixed emotions but the promise of working on groundbreaking projects and new enriched personal connections makes the journey worth it. Aastha am committed to fully leveraging Northwestern's resources, contributing to vibrant discussions and pursuing excellence both inside and outside the classroom.