2023-2024 Cohort

Photo of Shubhi Gupta

Shubhi Gupta

Meet Shubhi Gupta, an aspiring AI enthusiast with a deep-rooted passion for shaping the future of technology. Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence at Northwestern University, Shubhi's journey has been marked by a remarkable blend of academic excellence, practical expertise, and a commitment to innovation.

At SRM University, Shubhi established a solid foundation in programming and logic. Over 4 years, she researched the applications of computer vision in the insurance, retail, and transportation industries. During this time she served as a mentor at Next Tech Labs and underwent independent research to further fortify her skills.

During her time at ABInBev (a renowned manufacturer of the beer brand ‘Budweiser’), she designed, developed, and implemented automation systems that not only enhanced operational accuracy but also improved overall efficiency. By automating rule-based manual tasks, Shubhi successfully eliminated the need for 15 full-time employees, streamlining processes and reducing operational costs. Moreover, her implementation of real-time, high-volume dashboards led to a remarkable improvement in customer credit risk assessment, elevating the customer health index from 72% to an impressive 98% in just nine months. She is able to successfully develop custom solutions and apply them to real-world scenarios. This experience was a cornerstone in developing her problem-solving skills and adaptability to diverse platforms and clientele.

Shubhi's tenure at ABInBev has crystallized her aspiration to delve deeper into the realms of automation. Her focus has shifted towards harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to create systems that don’t simply drive actions based on pre-defined rules but are able to perceive and derive decisions based on experience to support said actions. Now at Northwestern University, she is studying the applications of reinforcement learning in the automobile, industrial automation, and healthcare industries.

Shubhi's ultimate goal remains steadfast: to develop AI solutions that amplify efficiency, embody innovation, and drive significant change for a brighter future.