2023-2024 Cohort

Photo of Rohan Gupta

Rohan Gupta

Rohan Gupta is a skilled and motivated Software Engineer who holds a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degree in Computer Science from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida. With a strong proficiency in programming languages such as Golang, Python, and JavaScript, Rohan has a passion for developing scalable solutions. His professional journey has encompassed roles at companies like Foodpanda, Grab, Litt and ZS Associates, where he has made significant contributions to projects involving data mining/management, geolocation services, web application development and ride hailing services! Rohan's experience extends to the realm of artificial intelligence, where he has worked on projects like Neural Net-based Autonomous System for Self-Driven Cars and Cancer Detection using Bi-clustering. In addition to his practical work, Rohan has actively engaged in research, with notable contributions including a Twitter-based emotional state classification model and genetic algorithms based optimization algorithm.

Besides technical work, Rohan likes to express his personality via developing his communication and presentation skills. He also indulges in putting his physical limits to test via gymnasium and evolving his endurance through sports like futsal and calisthenics! He is also indulges in solo travel every once in a while! Additionally, owing to his extended time in India and Singapore, and developing friendships across all walk of life, he thinks the world is a big family!