2023-2024 Cohort

Photo of Naman Garg

Naman Garg

Naman is a recent graduate from S.R.M Institute of Technology, India, with a Bachelor's in Computer Science & Engineering (2023). He gained practical experience as a Machine Learning Engineer at Hexo for 7 months, specializing in generative AI, specifically Diffusion models.

During his undergraduate years, Naman completed internships that showcased his dedication to technology and innovation. Notably, he worked with MITACS Globalink under Western University in Ontario, where he digitally preserved fragile historical books without opening them. In addition to his hands-on experience, Naman is also a published researcher in the field of computer vision. 

Naman is not only enthusiastic about research but also looks forward to collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations to further his impact in the world of technology and artificial intelligence.