MSAI 490-3: Industry Capstone Project



This course is an opportunity to work on a real-world problem posed by a participating company. Hybrid teams of 4-5 MSAI and MBAi students apply a broad range of business and technical skills over the course of the project. This unique hybrid team approach is designed to mirror the hybrid teams you’ll encounter in your professional lives. You’ll benefit from different perspectives and navigating the complexities of genuine problem-solving. As you grapple with the challenge's nuances, manage stakeholder expectations, overcome data limitations, and refine team dynamics, you’ll gain practical insights into interdisciplinary collaboration and effective solution delivery within a professional context.

Specifically, during the Capstone you will:
• Engage and manage a client.
• Quickly understand their business and their challenge.
• Clarify the problem.
• Articulate and validate the requirements of a solution.
• Develop a solution including a MVP that addresses a live business problem.
• Adapt goals and recommendations considering new information and practical constraints to ensure a significant contribution to the problem.
• Keep client apprised of progress and revised directions using solid project management practices.
• Present your final proposed solution to the client and receive their feedback.
• Present your project at the capstone showcase.