Explore Happiness in Different Ways

By Naomi Kaduwela, Kejin Qian, Tanya Tandon, and Anjali Verma, all Class of 2019

What is the key to Happiness? How does it differ around the world?

In our data visualization course, one MSiA student team has created an awesome, interactive, D3 visualization to explore happiness by country, as well as the features correlated with happiness for their project.

Take a look at how these "Happiness Advocates" visualized global happiness scores. See how features such as the economy, social development, and safety relate to happiness. Gain an understanding of variation across regions, explore features correlated with happiness, and compare countries across happiness scores! Here are the different visualizations they have created:

  1. World Map Explorer: Gain a high-level overview of world happiness by country.

    Figure 1. World map visualization of happiness scores
  2. Regional Variance: Analyze average happiness by region and the variation of happiness across a given region.

  3. Feature Importance on Happiness Score: Understand feature importance based on correlations between features and happiness score.

    Figure 2. Visualization of feature importance based on the correlation between features and happiness score
  4. Feature Importance by Category: Identify features into categories: Economy, Social Development, Safety & Health, Resources and Freedom.

  5. Feature Importance by Region: Explore features grouped by the region and see, how a feature affects that region’s happiness.

  6. Feature Trend: Visualize trends (positive, negative, linear, nonlinear) between a feature and happiness.

  7. Happiness and feature interaction: Understand interactions between two features with happiness. 

    Figure 3. Graph of interaction between internet coverage and fertility rate for 2015 and 2018
  8. Country Comparisons: Search for various countries and see how they rank on each factor. Compare two countries against each other.

    Figure 4. Graphical comparison of rankings between China and India

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