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The Customer Service Center is dedicated to providing focused expertise on Northwestern University’s appointment and visa process.

We collaborate with the International Office, Risk Management, Graduate Studies & Research and the Office for Research when processing your appointment and/or visa request. The information we request from you is required by these different offices for approval of the appointment and/or visa.

Contact us for

  • Postdoc, research visitor, research staff and research faculty appointments
  • Questions about any staff member or visitor who will require a visa
  • Reappointments, promotions and salary changes, date and title changes

Initiate an Appointment And/Or Visa

  1. Fill out the Appointment & Visa Request Form and email the Customer Service Center or deliver the completed form to your department Business Administrator. If you are bringing a staff member on an H-1B visa, please contact our office for an H-1B Request Form instead. For appointments as Visiting Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Visiting Post-Doctoral Fellow, and Visiting Scholar, please fill out the Research Visitor Vetting Checklist and include it with the Appointment & Visa Request Form. If you have any questions about these forms, please contact us.
  2. If you have any questions about Research Visitor or Research Staff position titles, please review the Research Staff Policy Guidelines or the Research Visitor Policy Guidelines published by the Office for Research. For Research Faculty positions, please review McCormick's Research Faculty Guidelines and Policy on Funding Sources and Terms.
  3. The CSC will reply to your request within 2-3 business days and bring the appropriate paperwork to your department for signature after receiving any other requisite information from the staff member and visitor.
  4. After the paperwork is signed, we will work to issue an offer letter and/or visa paperwork for the scholar.

View a detailed breakdown of visa categories