Interfacial Phenomena, Micro- and Nano-fluidics

Micro- and nano-fluidics, which is the heart of the lab-on-a-chip (LOC) technology, deals with the manipulation of tiny amounts of fluids, from micro- to picoliters. At such scales, the area-to-volume ratio is huge and interfaces control fluid flow making even simple tasks like pumping fluids challenging. The study of dynamics of interfaces offers innovative solutions for fluid handling in LOC devices as well as novel applications such as water harvesting.

The faculty below research interfacial phenomena, micro- and nano-fluidics.


Photo of Sandip Ghosal

Sandip Ghosal

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and (by courtesy) Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics

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Photo of Michael Miksis

Michael Miksis

Professor of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics and (by courtesy) Mechanical Engineering

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Photo of Petia Vlahovska

Petia Vlahovska

Professor of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics (by courtesy) Mechanical Engineering

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Photo of Michelle Driscoll

Michelle Driscoll

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

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Drop, Fogs, Dew

Photo of K.-C. Kenneth Park

K.-C. Kenneth Park

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

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