Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics

Space might seem empty, but it is actually permeated with ionized gas. This magnetized fluid plays an essential role in the evolution and explosion of stars, in the structure of and interactions between galaxies, and in accretion disks around protostars, where planets form. Each of these processes involve an interplay between turbulence, magnetic fields, radiation transport, and gravity. Numerical simulations are key to studying these extreme conditions, which often cannot be replicated here on Earth.

The faculty below research astrophysical fluid dynamics.

Photo of Daniel Lecoanet

Daniel Lecoanet

Assistant Professor of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics

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Photo of Yoram Lithwick

Yoram Lithwick

Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy

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Photo of Alexander Tchekhovskoy

Alexander Tchekhovskoy

Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy

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