Fluid Dynamics Courses

Engineering Sciences & Applied Mathematics Department

ES_APPM 426 Theory of Flows with Small Inertia

ES_APPM 429-0 Hydrodynamic Stability Theory

ES_APPM 430-0 Wave Propagation

ES_APPM 447 Boundary Integral Methods

ES_APPM 495 Theory of Soft and Biological Matter

Mechanical Engineering Department

ME 241 Fluids Mechanics

ME 322 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

ME 327 Finite Element Methods

ME 364 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering

ME 373 Engineering Fluid Mechanics

ME 377 Heat Transfer

ME 378 Applied CFD and Heat Transfer

ME 380 Thermal Energy and Systems Design

ME 382 Micro/Nano Science and Engineering

ME 416 Computational Nanodynamics

ME 420 Micro/Nanoscale Fluid Dynamics

ME 422 Statistical Mechanics for Applications

ME 423 Introduction to CFD

ME 424 Advanced CFD

ME 425 Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics

ME 426-1, 2  Advanced FEM

ME 427 Viscous Fluid Dynamics

ME 432: Optimization Methods in Science and Engineering 

Chemical & Biological Engineering Department

ChE 321 Fluid Mechanics

ChE 322 Heat Transfer*

ChE 323 Mass Transfer*

ChE 421 Fluid Mechanics 

ChE 422 Heat & Mass Transfer*

ChE 462 Viscoelasticity and Flow in Polymers

(* these transport courses are 'fluids adjacent'; similar to ME 377 listed above)

Biomedical Engineering Department

BME 377 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics

BME 378 Transport Fundamentals (Mass and Heat Transfer)

BME 452 Transport Through Connective Tissues