Material Processing and Characterization

Πάντα ῥεῖ, 'everything flows' (attributed to  Heraclitus). Processing and applications of materials, from food to plastics, involve fluid flows with complex characteristics. Rheology finds the answers to questions of practical importance such as how to make a paint that is easy to spread but does not drip, how to make a smooth, creamy chocolate, or how to blend polymers for plastics with enhanced properties.

The faculty below research material processing and characterization area fluid dynamics.

Surface Engineering, Anti-icing, Boiling

Photo of K.-C. Kenneth Park

K.-C. Kenneth Park

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

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Photo of Neelesh Patankar

Neelesh Patankar

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and (by courtesy) Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics

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Photo of Wesley Burghardt

Wesley Burghardt

Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Engineering

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Photo of Jeffrey Richards

Jeffrey Richards

Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

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Photo of Petia Vlahovska

Petia Vlahovska

Professor of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics (by courtesy) Mechanical Engineering

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