Faculty Directory
Ashty Karim

Assistant Research Professor


2145 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

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Chemical and Biological Engineering


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University

B.S. Chemical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

B.S. Cell & Molecular Biology, The University of Texas at Austin

Selected Publications

  • DeWinter, Madison A.; Thames, Ariel Helms; Guerrero, Laura; Kightlinger, Weston; Karim, Ashty S.; Jewett, Michael Christopher, Point-of-Care Peptide Hormone Production Enabled by Cell-Free Protein Synthesis, ACS synthetic biology (2023).
  • Rasor, Blake J.; Karim, Ashty S.; Alper, Hal S.; Jewett, Michael C., Cell Extracts from Bacteria and Yeast Retain Metabolic Activity after Extended Storage and Repeated Thawing, ACS synthetic biology (2023).
  • Martin, Jacob P.; Rasor, Blake J.; DeBonis, Jonathon; Karim, Ashty S.; Jewett, Michael C.; Tyo, Keith E.J.; Broadbelt, Linda J., A dynamic kinetic model captures cell-free metabolism for improved butanol production, Metabolic Engineering (2023).
  • Rasor, Blake J.; Chirania, Payal; Rybnicky, Grant A.; Giannone, Richard J.; Engle, Nancy L.; Tschaplinski, Timothy J.; Karim, Ashty S.; Hettich, Robert L.; Jewett, Michael C., Mechanistic Insights into Cell-Free Gene Expression through an Integrated -Omics Analysis of Extract Processing Methods, ACS synthetic biology (2023).
  • Warfel, Katherine F.; Williams, Asher; Wong, Derek A.; Sobol, Sarah E.; Desai, Primit; Li, Jie; Chang, Yung Fu; DeLisa, Matthew P.; Karim, Ashty S.; Jewett, Michael C., A Low-Cost, Thermostable, Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Platform for On-Demand Production of Conjugate Vaccines, ACS synthetic biology (2023).
  • Karim, Ashty S.; Jewett, Michael C., Preface, Methods in Molecular Biology (2022).
  • Rasor, Blake J.; Vögeli, Bastian; Jewett, Michael C.; Karim, Ashty S., Cell-Free Protein Synthesis for High-Throughput Biosynthetic Pathway Prototyping, Humana Press Inc. (2022).
  • Kofman, Camila; Watkins, Andrew M.; Kim, Do Soon; Willi, Jessica A.; Wooldredge, Alexandra C.; Karim, Ashty S.; Das, Rhiju; Jewett, Michael C., Computationally-guided design and selection of high performing ribosomal active site mutants, Nucleic acids research (2022).