The Master of Science in Information Technology program gives students the tools to excel in an evolving industry.The Master of Science in Information Technology program gives students the tools to excel in an evolving industry.

Program Overview

The MSIT program is housed within the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering. Nationally, the engineering school is ranked 19th, the Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering graduate programs are ranked 32nd and 23rd, respectively. MSIT professors are pulled from these selective programs as well as other highly ranked programs at Northwestern.

The Master of Science in Information Technology program uses a cohort model in which students progress through the program as a group. They take courses covering computer and networks technology, as well as key business elements involving finance, marketing, and project management. This provides students with a competitive edge and the ability to transform organizations with their unique understanding of the business implications of IT strategies.

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Why Earn an MSIT Degree?

Professor and program director Dr. Randall Berry discusses the value of the MSIT degree.

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Program Goals

Our program teaches students and working professionals the necessary skills to:

  • Implement better IT solutions that reflect the demands of today's evolving marketplace
  • Understand the cross-functional perspective of information technology and its place in business operations
  • Bridge the gap between fundamental technologies and business strategies
  • Lead information technology teams and projects

Unique Curriculum

Northwestern's unique MSIT curriculum blends technical (70%) and business management (30%) coursework, while focusing on three fundamental areas:

  • Communication systems and networks
  • Computing systems engineering
  • Business and management principles


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Technical courses combine those that teach fundamental engineering principles with those that discuss newer, emerging technologies. Business courses in finance, marketing and management help provide a framework for students to understand how to better translate their technology ideas into practical business solutions. Courses typically require both individual and team-based assignments and involve collaborative work in study groups. The program culminates with a 10-week capstone course that requires students to apply their new-found technology and business skills to a case study presented by a practicing IT professional.

Students also have the option of:

  • Taking up to two independent study courses to replace two regular courses
  • Completing an industry internship (full-time only)

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Part-Time Option

The part-time, Saturday-only option is offered for working professionals. The program is completed within two years, from September to June each year. Students take two courses each Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

An ideal option for those who:

  • Wish to continue working while in the program
  • Have obligations that would prevent them from attending weekday classes

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Full-Time Options

A full-time option is completed in either 10 months (fall, winter, and spring quarters), or in 12 months (fall, winter, and spring quarters plus the following fall quarter—which allows for a summer internship). Full-time students take half their course load on weekdays and half on Saturdays.

An ideal option for those who:

  • Are interested in completing a summer internship (optional)
  • Are international students
  • Come from a technical background
  • Have proficiency in math and programming

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Our Faculty

Faculty members give MSIT students a balanced view of academic principles and practical applications. Our faculty are known for their research accomplishments and often hold leadership positions in the greater academic community. Industry leaders add their considerable talents to the program as adjunct faculty by bringing their professional successes and relevant experiences into the classroom.

The MSIT faculty is drawn from:

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