Faculty Advice to the MSIT Graduates

Northwestern Engineering professors encourage students to never stop learning

Pictured is the MSIT Class of 2017. The Class of 2018 will graduate on Saturday, June 23, 2018.Pictured is the MSIT Class of 2017. The Class of 2018 will graduate on Saturday, June 23, 2018.

As students in the Northwestern Engineering Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) program prepare for graduation, their professors have one last lesson for them.

MSIT faculty were asked what piece of advice they would give to the graduating class. Here are their responses:

"During your tenure at Northwestern, you strived to succeed and get to your graduation. You see it as an end, but you should see it as a beginning to your long journey. NEVER STOP MOVING OR LEARNING. During your tenure here you strived to succeed, but you should also be prepared for failure. If all you do is succeed in life’s challenges, it means you’re not setting the bar high enough. You must cherish and learn from those moments when you tried and failed as much as you relished in your grades. Your mistakes may mark your path and change your directions in far more beneficial ways. Go forth and make mistakes, but just make sure you learn from them the lessons that they provide." — Alan Graves

"As you go to the next phase of your life, I encourage you to maintain the connections you have made with your classmates and the MSIT program. These connections will provide you with a strong network of IT professionals well into the future. I also encourage you to stay involved with the program — attend an information session, audit a class or just drop by and say 'Hi.' We love to see what our alums are doing, and their engagement only increases the value of a MSIT degree." — Randall Berry

"Now that you are about to be kicked out of the academic nest ... go forth and innovate to make the world a better place! Happy Travels!" — Wayne Montague

"My advice stems from a famous quote from T.S. Eliot: 'If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?' So, keep challenging yourself, don't take yourself too seriously, be appreciative of the people around you — even those who don't like you — and keep your family closest to your heart. Stay in touch with your fellow students and faculty in the program. Find a few ways to give back to the community and you'll discover that you gained even more than you gave in a multitude of ways. Congratulations! It was a privilege being one of your professors. I wish everyone all the best!!" — Alan Wolff

"Treat people with kindness, respect, and dignity. Start building your legacy today by helping others be successful. Your success as a leader is evidenced by the lasting, positive mark you make in those whose lives you touch."— Tina Hauri

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