Faculty & Staff Resources

Space Updates

If you need building or room access (including the Dry Ice Room (MG91) in Tech) please enter your WildCard information in the Building Access Google Doc.

If you would like a room sign in Tech to be updated, please complete this online form

Contact Jennifer Young if you have questions.

Travel and Entertainment Reimbursements

Employees of the university are able to enter their own expense reports for reimbursement using the NUPortal.

View the following forms to learn more:

Visitor Expense Report

Non-employees of the university should fill out a visitors expense report. Please see Bryson Howard in the main office to get a visitors expense report voucher, which must be generated on an individual basis because of the unique voucher number associated with payment.

Exception Forms

All receipts must be original and they must be itemized in order to be reimbursed. You should process your reimbursement within 30 days of travel.

If you are missing proper receipts or are processing a reimbursement more than 90 days from your last date of travel, fill out the McCormick reimbursement exception form.

Purchasing Process

Graduate students, faculty, and staff will be given access to iBuyNU, Northwestern's online shopping catalog, should they need to purchase items for research or academic use.

All purchases are officially made by the department office staff. Please fill out a purchase order form and email it to chbepurchases@northwestern.edu. For complete ordering information, please review our step by step guide.

If you are charging items across many chart strings, or accounts, you or your advisor are required to fill out a multiple project allocation form.

Departure Form

Postdocs and visiting scholars who are leaving the department should fill out a departure form before leaving.

Events Calendar

To add our Events Calendar to your own personal calendar follow these steps:

For Outlook (in order to add the calendar you must do so through the web app, but it will appear after restarting any mobile or desktop apps):

  • Navigate to Northwestern's Outlook web app.
  • Select the appropriate mail client (Office 365 for most faculty and staff and Exchange for those who haven't migrated to 365)
  • Log in
  • Switch to calendar module.
  • From the Calendars menu at left, click on “Discover calendars”
  • Under “Import calendar” menu (lower left), choose “From web”
  • In the dialog box, paste the following link, give the calendar a name if you like, and hit "Import": 
  • The calendar should now appear in both the web version of Outlook and your local Outlook app. Check or un-check the calendar as you wish to view it.

For Gmail:

  • Make sure you are logged into the Gmail account you wish to use.
  • Navigate to our department calendar and click the "+Google Calendar" link in the bottom right corner of the calendar
  • It will prompt you to confirm you want to add the calendar.
  • That's it!