ChBE PhD Candidate Wins Award

Perkins Coie inaugurated their first Innovative Minds Award by hosting a request for proposals at Northwestern recently.

PC received nearly 60 applications from NU students.  A review board consisting of NU and PC experts reviewed the applications and selected 3 finalists.  The finalist groups had the opportunity to present their projects to PC this past Tuesday. 

According to all the judges all three finalists presented outstanding projects that were innovative, original and realistic, which made the selection of the winner very challenging.

The winner of the $10,000 award is Chris Wilmer, PhD student in Chemical and Biological Engineering in the Snurr lab, in collaboration with Ron Appel, PhD student in Electrical Engineering at CalTech University, for the design and creation of an inexpensive quality control mechanism for water purified in developing countries by solar disinfection.  Chris Wilmer can be reached by email at