Department Luncheon Honors Ottino, 62nd AIChE Institute Lecturer

November 10, 2010

Ottino AIChE Institute Lecturer

Congratulations to Julio Ottino, who was selected to deliver the 2010 AIChE Institute Lecture. Each year the Executive Board of the AIChE National Program Committee invites a distinguished member of AIChE to present a comprehensive review of the chemical engineering science in his or her specialization at a special session of the annual meeting. Recent past lecturers have included Mark Davis, Norman N. Li, and Carol Hall. (See complete list.)

Ottino delivered the 62nd Annual AIChE Institute Lecture on November 10, 2010. Entitled Chemical Engineering In a Complex World: Grand Challenges, Vast Opportunities, the talk traced the expansion of chemical engineering into new domains and illustrated the broad opportunities that chemical engineering has today given our increasing connectedness and complexity. (Lecture abstract)

Following the lecture, the ChBE department hosted a luncheon in honor of Ottino and his accomplishments at the Caffe Molise in downtown Salt Lake City.

Reception at Caffe Molise - 11/10/10

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