Jennifer Schoborg Selected as New TA Workshop Leader

Searle Center for Advancing Learning & Teaching has selected Jennifer Schoborg from your department as a 2013 New TA Conference (NTAC) Workshop Leader

In this important role, Jennifer will develop and lead two workshops for the New TA Conference on Thursday, September 19, 2013. One of these workshops will be a discipline-specific session aimed at new TAs in your department, in which they will discuss TA roles and responsibilities and ways to prepare for the first day of class. The second workshop will focus on a teaching topic that is relevant to a broader audience of new instructors. This summer, Jennifer will attend a two-day training session at the Searle Center with a cohort of new and experienced workshop leaders to develop these interactive workshops.

We hope you will encourage all of your new TAs to attend the conference when we announce registration this summer. It is an excellent professional development opportunity and will support Jennifer's efforts to improve student learning at Northwestern.