CHEM_ENG 395: *Special Topics in Chemical Engineering

Quarter Offered

Fall : MW 4-5:20 ; Ryskin
Winter : MW 4-5:50 ; Lucks
Spring : Ryskin MW 4-5:20; Wang TTh 2-3:20; Richards MTWF 9:00 ; Ryskin/Wang/Richards


Topics suggested by students or faculty and approved by the department.

  • Quantum Mechanics and Path Integrals (Fall Quarter – Prof. Ryskin)
  • Deconstructing Synthetic Biology - Biotechnology Case Studies Across Scales (Winter Quarter – Prof. Lucks)

  • Introduction to Differential Geometry (Spring Quarter – Prof. Ryskin)

  • Graduate Probability and Statistics (Spring Quarter – Prof. Wang)
    • A course on probability and statistics for advanced undergraduates and graduate students in science and engineering. Students will gain a familiarity with statistical principles and how to apply and manipulate them. Topics include: combinatorics, random variables, parameter estimation, stochastic processes.
  • Structure and dynamics of soft materials (Spring Quarter – Prof. Richards)