Virtual McCormick Interview Day

McCormick Interview Day (MID) is a bi-annual event that occurs after two Engineering-focused career fairs: (SWE) Industry Day (October) and McCormick Tech Expo (January).

Typically, 20 to 30 employers accept an invitation to participate and will conduct on-campus interviews at the Ford Design Center and Technological Institute. Employers interview more than 200 students during MID, which leads to co-op and internship opportunities for many students.

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How do students obtain an interview for MID?

There are many different ways students can participate and receive an interview, but typically a student must be invited by an employer. Below are a few of the most common ways students receive interview invitations:

NOTE: Ensure that a recently updated copy of your resume is uploaded to McCormickConnect for employers to see.

  1. Apply for a position in McCormickConnect and receive an email as a 'pre-select' candidate. A 'pre-selected' student has the ability to sign-up for a specific interview schedule based on the fact he/she was chosen as a select group of candidates.

  2. An employer may ask Engineering Career Development for a resume book for a specific major, and invite qualified candidates via email. Students may be invited even if they did not apply for a position with that employer.

  3. Attend the career fair the evening prior to MID or a related employer information session and be invited to an interview virtually.

  4. Receive an email regarding 'open' sign-up, in which an employer allows any applicable student to sign-up for an interview - first come, first served.

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Interview No-Show Policy

It is important to take interviews seriously. Not showing up for a scheduled interview is inconsiderate of the employer as well as other students who could have had the opportunity to interview.

If a student does not provide 2 business days notice to cancel a scheduled interview(s), the following actions will be taken:

  1. Engineering Career Development will immediately contact the student via email to inform them of the 'No Show' and the related policy. 

  2. The student must fill out the No Show Explanation Survey within 2 business days to explain the reason for missing the interview. The student must also send an apology email to the recruiter, with Michelle Bledsoe cc-ed on the email.

  3. If the steps above are not completed within 2 business days of the student's no show, an Engineering Career Development advisor will contact the student to discuss the situation and determine if other action is necessary. The student's McCormickConnect account may be deactivated, removing the ability to participate in any future ECD events or job applications. 

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How do employers sign up to interview students on MID?

Please join us for the next MID after the Tech Expo Career Fair. Employers can register to interview students for free by logging into McCormickConnect, clicking Career Events, and selecting McCormick Interview Day. Register soon as spots are limited!