Recruit Engineering Talent

Engineering Career Development offers companies many opportunities and programs to recruit engineering students. 

If you are looking for co-op, intern, or entry-level, full-time candidates, we can work with you to schedule an event or develop a custom recruiting plan to meet your needs.

Explore the links below or contact Allison Berger at 847-491-2613 to get started.

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Career Fairs


SWE Industry Day Career Fair

  • For all Engineering and Technology students and employers.
  • SWE Industry Day Career Fair takes place in October each year. Click here to see dates.

McCormick Interview Day is held the day after SWE for employers who want to interview students on-campus after the Career Fair.


Tech Expo Career Fair

  • For all Engineering and Technology students and employers.
  • Tech Expo is held each year in January. Click here to see dates.

McCormick Interview Day is held the day after Tech Expo for employers who want to interview students on-campus after the Career Fair.


Just-In-Time Career Fair

  • For all Engineering and Technology students and employers.
  • Just-in-Time Career Fair is held in April. Click here to see dates.

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Posting Positions

Engineering Career Development uses a secure online database management system called McCormickConnect to connect employers and students for co-op, internship, and full-time positions.

Get Started

  1. Log into McCormickConnect
  2. Create a profile for your company/organization and designated point of contact in McCormickConnect
  3. Once we activate your account, you will be able to post positions, review resumes of qualified students and select candidates for interviewing
  4. If you have any questions, contact our Recruitment Coordinator, Michelle Bledsoe

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On-Campus Recruiting Events

On-campus recruiting opportunities include:

Host a Company Day

  • Set up your company table in a key visibility location for engineering students
  • Meet and greet students throughout the day
  • Base cost is $350

Host an Info Session

  • Host an information session to talk about your company and job opportunities with students
  • Meet future candidates for your talent pipeline
  • Information sessions are free to book

Host a Meet and Greet

  • Hold office hours to meet students in a conference room
  • Discuss career paths, offer to review resumes, give advice, or just talk with students
  • Base cost is $100

Represent your Company at a Career Exploration Day

  • Held quarterly, our Career Exploration Days are based around specific industries and feature companies and representatives from those industries
  • Network with students and explain what engineers do at your company and describe possible career paths
  • View and register for our upcoming Career Exploration Day events by clicking on the Career Events tab in McCormickConnect. This event cost $150 to attend for employers. Included are a high top table with two chairs, parking, and lunch.

Career Mania

  • Join us and help our students prepare for the SWE Industry Day Engineering Career Fair!
  • Review resumes at our "Resume Round-up"
  • Conduct mock interviews at our "Mock Mash-up"
  • Let students ask you questions about anything (almost), fielding questions about the application process, tips on a successful interview, etc.
  • We also have a "Photo Booth Bonanza" where students (and our industry guests) can get an updated LinkedIn photo taken.
  • Free to attend.

Mingle with Employers

  • Set-ip a high top table and interact with our students while increasing your company's visibility
  • Meet and greet with engineering students in an informal setting
  • Students from all disciplines will be invited to attend, including chemistry and physics.
  • Base cost is $250.00.

Attend Our Student/Employer Networking Events

  • In addition to our career fairs, we hold a number of other student/employer engagement events throughout the year
  • Keep an eye on the "Career Events" tab in McCormickConnect to see all of our upcoming events

Contact Allison Berger, Manager, Employer Relations at 847-491-2613 to schedule your on-campus recruiting event. You can also see a calendar of our major recruiting events on the Recruiting Events Calendar.

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Off-Campus Recruiting Events

Off-campus recruiting opportunities include:

  • Virtual events
  • Virtual information sessions
  • Virtual career fairs
  • Shadow days
  • Company or plant tours

Contact Allison Berger, Manager of Employer Relations, at 847-491-2613 to start planning your recruitment strategy.

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To arrange a date to interview students on or off-campus, contact Michelle Bledsoe, Recruitment Coordinator, at 847-491-5994.

To optimize your travel, you can coordinate your interviewing schedule with any of our career fairs or register for McCormick Interview Days. Please take our student academic calendar into account when planning.

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How to hire international students

International students account for 23% of Northwestern’s full-time student population, and bring a wealth of talent and diverse perspectives to the organizations where they work.

Employers can hire Northwestern international students for internships under CPT (Curricular Practical Training) and for post-graduation roles under OPT (Optional Practical Training). 

For more information about hiring international students, see our Northwestern Employer Guide: Hiring International Students.

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Policies & Expectations

Offer Deadlines

Engineering Career Development expects students will pursue opportunities of genuine interest, and thoughtfully and carefully evaluate all extended job offers. To give students adequate time in their decision making, we request that organizations use the following offer guidelines:

  • For offers of full time employment extended to summer interns, offers should remain open until November 5.
  • For all other formal offers of employment (intern or full time), offers should be open for a period of three weeks.

Occasionally, an employer’s hiring timeline may fall outside of these preferred windows, and/or a student may ask for an extension or exception to these dates.

We expect employers will:

  • Demonstrate flexibility in working with students to consider reasonable requests
  • Communicate hiring timelines clearly and acknowledge if they fall outside ECD’s preferred offer policy guidelines
  • Not place undue pressure on students to make offer decisions

We expect students will:

  • Not accept an offer for employment while continuing to pursue other opportunities
  • Make requests for reasonable accommodations in a timely manner
  • Work under advisement of ECD and make ECD staff aware of any instances in which our stated offer dates cannot be met

Once you accept a job offer, whether via On-Campus Recruiting or in an independent job search, it is the expectation that students will decline other interview invitations and stop applying for other opportunities. Reneging on an offer is unprofessional behavior that negatively impacts the student's reputation and that of Northwestern University, our alumni, and current students. 

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