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MSIT 455: Law and Information Technology

Quarter Offered

Fall : Saturday, 9:30am-12:30pm, Second 5 weeks ; Daniel Linna, JD


This course introduces legal topics that Information Technology professionals are likely to encounter. A significant portion of the course focuses on understanding, drafting, and negotiating common types of IT contracts, such as license, professional services, and cloud services agreements. We will also explore existing and emerging data privacy and security law, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA). The course also introduces intellectual property law; technology ethics; regulating algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI); environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments; computer misuse, including the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act; and liability for technology failures. The course aims to provide an understanding of legal topics that will help IT professionals identify and mitigate risks, realize benefits, and effectively engage with legal professionals to optimize outcomes.

Faculty Profile

Daniel Linna, JD