Career Development

The MSIT program is committed to helping students progress in their careers, whether by advancing in their current companies or taking their career in a new direction. MSIT graduates who stay with their current employer are typically promoted to positions with more responsibility, managing more people, or taking on more sophisticated project management responsibilities. Many graduates also find that the program exposes them to new areas of IT and business, leading to new job interest and career growth opportunities.

Immediate Working World Application

As the students can customize the program to fit their desired area of specialization or concentration, assignments from class often have direct and immediate applicability to work.

Networking Events

In collaboration with the Student Advisory Board and Alumni Group, MSIT sponsors networking  activities for current students and alumni.

Career Outcomes

See companies that have employed MSIT students or alumni

Additional Resources

Engineering Career Development

Engineering Career Development is located in Ford 2.350. The office helps provide career advice to engineering students and helps them find internship and co-op positions.

Northwestern Career Advancement

Northwestern Career Advancement offers comprehensive career services including career counseling and assessment, resume reviews, and individual job searching assistance.  

Northwestern Alumni Association

Take advantage of the networking and mentoring opportunities available through the Northwestern Alumni Association.

Recruiting At Northwestern

Learn about the several ways to post employment opportunities at Northwestern through Northwestern Career Advancement - Recruit and the Engineering Career Development.