Overhauling the Laptop for the Work-From-Home-Era

MSIT’s Dr. Randall Berry lends his expertise to a WSJ story on redesigning the most valuable technology tool for remote work.

Dr. Randall BerryWhat would you consider to be the most important technology tool for remote work? If you said the laptop, you’re not alone. On March 9, 2021, The Wall Street Journal published a story based on input from technology experts on redesigning the key work-from-home tool for the remote work era.

One of those experts was Northwestern University’s Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) Program Director Randall Berry. He highlighted the connectivity benefits that will come along with new Wi-Fi 6E products, the development of Wi-Fi 7, and the improvements in laptops equipped with 5G modems.

“The improvements in Wi-Fi and 5G can enable laptops to support higher-quality videoconferencing and augmented-reality/virtual-reality applications. They will also allow users to unload much of their memory and computing into the cloud, resulting in thinner and lighter laptops with longer battery lives.”

Read the full article, Let’s Redesign the Laptop for a Work-From-Home Era.

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