MSIT Welcomes New Cohort of Students

Get to know the 21 new full-time and part-time students who joined Northwestern University's MSIT community.

It's been less than two months since Northwestern Engineering's Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) program welcomed its newest cohort to campus, but already the students have become a part of the larger MSIT community. 

"'Enthusiastic' is the word that jumps out when I think of this year’s new and returning MSIT student cohorts," said MSIT associate director Abi Shay. "They are already super engaged with classes, study groups, and University career resources, and they are eagerly sharing their IT interests and career goals with one another."

The Fall 2019 cohort is made up of 21 full-time and part-time students. The cohort's age ranges from 24 to 50, with the average age for full-time and part-time students being 25 and 35, respectively.

The students each come from different undergraduate and graduate universities and from the United States, India, Japan, and China. Their job titles vary as well, including:

  • Business analyst
  • Enterprise infrastructure analyst
  • Full-stack systems developer
  • Infrastructure engineer
  • Infrastructure support
  • IT consultant
  • IT systems administrator
  • IT technical specialist
  • Lead systems analyst
  • Network engineer
  • Risk assurance lead
  • SAP subject matter expert
  • Software developer
  • Senior consultant for information management & analytics
  • Senior CRM business analyst
  • Senior project manager
  • Senior IT engineer
  • Senior product designer and manager
  • Systems administrator
  • Technical lead

"It’s an impressive group that I find to be inspiring and open," Shay said. "It's very cool to see!"

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