Russ Joseph co-organizes the CRA-W/CDC Computer Architecture Summer School

EECS associate professor Russ Joseph co-organized this week's CRA-W/CDC Computer Architecture Summer School Workshop 2012, with assistance from EECS faculty Seda Ogrenci MemikGokhan Memik, and Nikos Hardavellas.  

Held on August 27-28 in the Ford Building's ITW auditorium, the workshop drew women and under-represented minorities from across the country who are currently enrolled in computer science or computer engineering graduate programs with a focus on computer architecture.   

The workshop covered emerging topics in computer architecture, opportunities for cross-disciplinary research, getting started on research, networking, finding internships and career opportunities in computer architecture. A mix of technical presentations and panel sessions were given by academic and industry leaders as well as informal activities to provide mentoring for students as they get started in their careers.


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