Research Areas
Computational Social Science

The availability of big data has created opportunities to study human behavior at unprecedented scale and detail. Parallel developments in artificial intelligence, network science, and complex systems offer us powerful tools and techniques to make sense of this windfall of data with growing accuracy and robustness. These fundamental advances fuel the emergence of an interdisciplinary field known as computational social science. 

Research Themes

The central themes of our research program are:

  • Social networks
  • Team science
  • Science of science and innovation 
  • Human dynamics
  • The formation, maintenance, and dissolution of dynamically linked social, and knowledge networks
  • AI and the future of work

Research Centers



Course Work

Along with our core courses, students working in this area take classes in the following areas:

  • Organizational theory
  • Social network analysis
  • Network Optimization
  • Computational modeling
  • Natural language processing
  • Innovation
  • Organizational change
  • Organizational communication
  • Leadership
  • Teams and multiteam systems
  • Emerging topics in computational social science


Faculty members in computational social science include: