Graduate Students
PhD Graduates (2000 on)

Completion Term Name Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
Fall 2000 Waller, Steven Ziliasopoulos, Athanasios Optimization and Control of Stochastic Dynamic Transportation Systems: Formations, Solution Methodologies, and Computational Experience
Spring 2000 Hegedus, Michael Hopp, Wallace Setting lead times and due dates in stochastic assembly systems using MRP
Fall 2000 Shen, Zuo-Jun Daskin, Mark and Simchi-Levi, David Efficient Algorithms for Various Supply Chain Problems
Spring 2001 Aviles, Ana Ankenman, Bruce Optimal Designs for Mixed-Effects Models with Random Nested Factors
Spring 2001 Kim, Seong-Hee Nelson, Barry Highly Efficient Selection Procedures for Stochastic Simulation
Spring 2001 Marazzi, Marcelo Nocedal, Jorge Nonlinear Optimization With and Without Derivatives
Spring 2001 Scherpereel, Christopher Frey, Donald Decision Order Theory: The Semantic Dimensions of Decision Making
Fall 2001 Caglar, Deniz Simchi-Levi, David A Multi-Echelon Spare Parts Inventory System with Emergency Lateral Shipments Subject to a Response Time Constraint
Fall 2001 Chou, Cheng-Feng Simchi-Levi, David Asymptotic Performance Analyses of Machine Scheduling Problems with Release Dates
Fall 2001 Liu, Hui Simchi-Levi, David Probabilistic Analysis and Practical Algorithms for Machine Scheduling Problems With or Without Release Date Constraints
Fall 2001 Swann, Julie Simchi-Levi, David Dynamic Pricing Models to Improve Supply Chain Performance
Spring 2002 Pichitlamken, Juta Nelson, Barry A Combined Procedure for Optimization via Simulation
Spring 2002 Wolcott, Robert Frey, Donald Network Strategy, Innovation and Performance: A Taxonomy of Firm Networks Based on Competencies, Network Economics and Market Structure, and its Application to the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries
Fall 2002 Deler, Bahar Nelson, Barry A Comprehensive Input-Modeling Framework and Software for Stochastic, Discrete-Event Simulation Experiments
Fall 2002 Shen, Chien-Wen Hazen, Gordon The Marginalization Method for Parameter Learning in Belief Networks
Fall 2002 Yang, Ying Tamhane, Ajit and Ankenman, Bruce Identifying Location and Dispersion Effects for Ordinal Data from Industrial Experiments
Fall 2002 Zhao, Yao Simchi-Levi, David The Impact of Information Sharing on Supply Chain Performance
Spring 2003 Tekin, Eylem Hopp, Wallace Performance Opportunity for Workforce Agility
Fall 2003 Lopes, Leonardo Fourer, Robert Modeling Stochastic Optimization: from Idea to Instance
Fall 2003 Snyder, Lawrence Daskin, Mark Supply Chain Robustness and Reliability: Models and Algorithms
Spring 2004 Hong, Liu Nelson, Barry Discrete Optimization via Simulation: Algorithms and Error Control
Spring 2004 Huang, Bo-Ray Iravani, Seyed Optimal Production-Inventory Policies in Supply Chains with Information Sharing
Spring 2004 Poppi, Jorge Frey, Donald Management Consulting: A Multidisciplinary Technique
Fall 2004 Jamison Graff Hurter Jr., Arthur Transaction Costs, Equipment Leasing, and the Economic Theory of the Firm
Fall 2004 Luangkesorn, Kiatikun Louis Iravani, Seyed Hybrid Produce-to-Order/Produce-to-Stock Systems
Fall 2004 Ozsen, Leyla Daskin, Mark Location-Inventory Planning Models: Capacity Issues and Solution Algorithms
Fall 2004 Shou, Biying Hopp, Wallace Modeling and Knowledge Management of Agile Production Systems with Automation
Fall 2004 Wan, Hong Nelson, Barry Simulation Factor Screening with Controlled Sequential Bifurcation
Spring 2005 Aytekin, Umut Birge, John and Savaskan, R Three Essays in Operations Management
Spring 2005 Krishnamurthy, Vijayalakshmi Iravani, Seyed Design and Control of Production Systems with Agile Repair Crew and Advance Order Information
Spring 2005 Li, Zhifeng Mehrotra, Sanjay Lattice Basis Reduction and Mixed Integer Convex Programming
Spring 2005 Ma, Jun Fourer, Robert Optimization Services (OS)
Spring 2005 Xu, Xiaodong Birge, John Equity Valuation, Integrated Investment and Financial Decisions
Fall 2005 Gorovoy, Vyacheslav Linetsky, Vadim Applications of the Eigenfunction Expansion Method in Interest Rate Modeling
Fall 2005 Lopez-Calva, Gabriel Nocedal, Jorge Exact-Penalty Methods for Nonlinear Programming
Fall 2005 Ozevin, Muhittin Mehrotra, Sanjay Decomposition Based Interior-Point Methods for Two-Stage Stochastic Convex Conic Programming with Recourse
Fall 2005 Xiaowei Xu Hopp, Wallace Strategic Product Line Selection and Pricing
Spring 2006 Feng, Liming Linetsky, Vadim Computational Methods for Levy and Jump-Diffusion Processes: Applications in Financial Engineering
Spring 2006 Yang, Feng Nelson, Barry Efficient Generation of Cycle Time-Throughput Curves via Simulation for Manufacturing
Fall 2006 Francis, Peter Smilowitz, Karen Service Choice in Periodic Distribution Operations
Fall 2006 Kovalov, Pavlo Linetsky, Vadim Pricing Multi-Variable American Options and Convertible Bonds: A Finite Element Method of Lines
Fall 2006 Lesnevski, Vadim Staum, Jeremy Simulation of Coherent Risk Measures Based on Generalized Scenarios
Fall 2006 Thomas, Reuben Mehrotra, Sanjay Inference of Regulatory Interactions in Genetic Systems
Fall 2006 Yuen, Yiu Chi Hopp, Wallace Towards a Science of White-Collar Work: Discretion, Incentives and Trust in Service Operations and Supply Chain
Spring 2007 Curtis, Frank Nocedal, Jorge Inexact Sequential Quadratic Programming Methods for Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization
Spring 2007 Hei, Long Nocedal, Jorge Practical Techniques for Nonlinear Optimization
Spring 2007 Jiang, Xuefeng Birge, John Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Finance
Spring 2007 Kolfal, Bora Iravani, Seyed Modeling Flexibility in Service Operations and Supply Chains
Spring 2007 Liu, Zhen Birge, John High Performance Computational Methods for Portfolio Optimization Problems under Various Transaction Costs: An Option Pricing Approach
Spring 2007 Sahyouni, Kristin Daskin, Mark Product Lifecycle Considerations in Closed-Loop Supply Chain Management
Fall 2007 Chao, Huai-Te Iravani, Seyed External Quality Cost Sharing Contracts in Supply Chain
Fall 2007 Drew, Shane Homem de Mello, Tito Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods for Stochastic Programming
Fall 2007 Huang, Min Hazen, Gordon Markov Chain Population Models in Medical Decision Making
Fall 2007 Ilhan, Taylan Daskin, Mark Routing and Resource Allocation with Probabilistic Objectives
Fall 2007 Qiu, Dingxi Tamhane, Ajit Cluster Analysis for Correlated Multivariate Normal and Binary Data
Fall 2007 Tsai, Shing Chih Nelson, Barry Control-Variate Methods for Selecting the Best Simulated System
Fall 2007 Zhang, Guangming Smilowitz, Karen Operational Flexibility in Drayage Vehicle Routing: Multi-Resource Routing Problem with Flexible Tasks
Spring 2008 Bhandari, Amit Vijay Birge, John The Impact of Consumption and Liquidity Constraints on Optimal Consumption and Investment Decisions
Spring 2008 Lien, Robert Smilowitz, Karen Design and Control Principles for Distribution Systems: Studies in Commercial & Nonprofit Operations
Spring 2008 Liu, Fang Hopp, Wallace The Impact of Collaboration Networks on Organizational Performance
Fall 2008 Banerjee, Souvik Hopp, Wallace Strategic R&D and Capital Budgeting Under Uncertainty
Fall 2008 Baysal, Evren Staum, Jeremy Advances in Risk Management Simulation
Fall 2008 Chen, Sheng Yuan Mehrotra, Sanjay Solving Static and Dynamic Stochastic Optimization Problem via Sparse Grid and Interior Point Methods and its Complexity Analysis
Spring 2009 Gerhardt, Ira Nelson, Barry Stochastic Modeling and Simulation of Nonstationary Queueing Networks Using Markovian Processes
Spring 2009 Lim, Michael Daskin, Mark Supply Chain Network Design in the Presence of Disruption Risks
Spring 2009 Liu, Zigeng Iravani, Seyed Risk Mitigation of Supply Chain Disruptions
Spring 2009 Mendoza-Arriaga, Rafael Linetsky, Vadim Unified Credit-Equity Modeling
Fall 2009 Xu, Jie Nelson, Barry Industrial Strength Theory and Algorithms for Discrete Optimization via Simulation and The Impact of Supply Chain Structure on Product Line Architecture
Fall 2009 Xu, Lu Nelson, Barry and Hopp, Wallace Lifecycle Planning and Simulation-based Optimization in Integrated Supply Chains
Spring 2010 Gokpinar, Bilal Hopp, Wallace Collaboration and Performance in White-collar Work
Spring 2010 Lan, Hai Staum, Jeremy Two-Level Simulation of Expected Shortfall: Confidence Intervals, Efficient Simulation Procedures, and High-Performance Computing
Summer 2010 Sendil, Mustafa Nuri Chopra, Sunil Impact of Stair Step Incentives on Sales Variance
Fall 2010 Liu, Ming Staum, Jeremy Efficient Simulation in Financial Risk Management
Winter 2011 Shan, Xuemei Apley, Daniel Optimal Identification and Visualization of Variation Patterns.
Winter 2011 Tongarlak, Mustafa Hayri Nelson, Barry Design of Experiments and Metamodeling for Stochastic Simulation
Spring 2011 Turner, Jonathan Dasin, Mark Overcoming Obstacles to Resident-Patient Continuity of Care and Equitable Allocations of Surgical Experience
Fall 2011 Chavez Bedoya Mercado, Luis Staum, Jeremy, and Birge, John Portfolio Optimization under Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution of Returns and Exponential Utility
Fall 2011 Hu, Jian Mehrotra, Sanjay Concepts, Analyses, and Applications of Multivariate Stochastic Dominance
Fall 2011 Lee, Soonhui Homem de Mello, Tito and Nelson, Barry Modeling Issue and Algorithms in a certain class of optimization problems and improving capacity utilization for carriers
Fall 2011 Sun, Yunpeng Linetsky, Vadim Efficient Simulation and Applications in Finance
Winter 2012 Huang, Michael Smilowitz, Karen Last Mile Relief Routing
Spring 2012 Li, Lingfei Linetsky, Vadim Stochastic Modeling in Commodity Markets and Optimal Stopping of Symmetric Markov Processes
Summer 2012 Arifoglu, Kenan Iravani, Seyed Supply Chain Management in the Presence of Strategic Consumers and Consumption Externalities
Summer 2012 Chen, Xi Nelson, Barry Enhancing Stochastic Kriging Metamodels for Computer Simulation
Summer 2012 Ebrahim Khanjari, Neda Iravani, Seyed Information Sharing in Supply Chain
Summer 2012 Golbec, Steven Linetsky, Vadim Stochastic Models in Asset-Backed Financing
Summer 2012 Huang, Kuo-Ling Mehrotra, Sanjay Improving Solvability of Continuous and Mixed Integer Convex Optimization Problems Using Interior Approaches
Summer 2012 Li, Linlin Iravani, Seyed Capacity and Quality Contract Design in Supply Chain
Summer 2012 Zhu, Mengxiao Contractor, Noshir Assembly of Successful Project Teams: Insights from the Study of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs)
Fall 2012 Im, Joon-Ku Apley, Daniel Understanding Product and Process Variation with Complex Data
Fall 2012 Jiang, Yan Klabjan, Diego Inventory Management with Order Errors, Optimal Investment to Reduce Emissions, and Generalized Cluster-wise Linear Regression
Winter 2013 Pei, Jinxiang Klabjan, Diego Essays on Auctions under Shareability and Externality
Spring 2013 Chin, Gillian Nocedal, Jorge Nonlinear Optimization Algorithms for Large Scale Machine Learning
Spring 2013 Li, Zhe Hazen, Gordon Stochastic Game Models for Organ Acceptance in Liver Transplant
Spring 2013 Lucas, Aaron Armbruster, Benjamin Three Applications Informing Domestic and International HIV Policy Using Mathematical Modeling
Spring 2013 Pun, Chan Seng Klabjan, Diego Analytics for Airline Revenue Management and Irregular Operations
Summer 2013 Erickson, Jared Fourer, Robert Detection and Transformation of Objective and Constraint Structures for Optimization Algorithms
Summer 2013 Lim, Dongjae Linetsky, Vadim Early Exercise of Options in Fixed Income Markets: An Eigenfunction Expansion Approach
Fall 2013 Davis, Ashley Mehrotra, Sanjay Addressing Geographic Inequities in Kidney Transplantation
Fall 2013 Shao, Qifeng Iravani, Seyed Dynamic Policies in Production Systems: The Effects of Feedback Information and Flexibility of Workers
Fall 2013 Zhang, Ning Apley, Daniel Fractional Brownian Fields for Response Surface Metamodeling
Spring 2014 Duan, Weitao Ankenman, Bruce Batch Sequential Experimental Design and Its Application in Software Testing
Spring 2014 Geng, Yue Klabjan, Diego Topics in Sustainability and Logistics
Spring 2014 Xie, Wei Nelson, Barry Statistical Uncertainty Analysis for Stochastic Simulation
Spring 2014 Zhang, He Mehrotra, Sanjay Distributionally Robust Optimization Models and Process Mining in Healthcare Systems
Summer 2014 Kim, Kibaek Mehrotra, Sanjay Predictive Modeling and Stochastic Optimization in Healthcare
Summer 2014 Salemi, Peter Staum, Jeremy Gaussian Markov Random Fields and Moving Least Squares for Metamodeling and Optimization in Stochastic Simulation
Fall 2014 Jiang, Tingting Iravani, Seyed Essays in operations management
Fall 2014 Maggiar, Alvaro Dolinskaya, Irina Optimization of Smoothed Functionals and Applications of Nonlinear Programming to Fastest Path Finding for Vehicles in Anisotropic Media
Fall 2014 Sullivan, Sophia Contractor, Noshir The Role of Leadership in Facilitating Innovation in Multiteam Systems
Fall 2014 Sweda, Timothy Klabjan, Diego Selected Topics on Decision Making for Electric Vehicles
Fall 2014 Yu, Qiuping Iravani, Seyed and Bassamboo, Achal Delay Information in Services: Theory and Empirics
Spring 2015 De La Torre, Luis Dolinskaya, Irina Operational Models in Humanitarian and Non-Profit Logistics
Spring 2015 Meyer, Samantha Leonardi, Paul Integrating Social and Resource Networks: Resource Acquisition and Strong Ties in Primary School Systems
Spring 2015 Park, Young Woong Klabjan, Diego Optimization for Regression, PCA, and SVM: Optimality and Scalability
Summer 2015 Bogle, Brittany Mehrotra, Sanjay Accurate Lifetime Risk Assessment of Sudden Cardiac Death and Methods for Generating Synthetic Data for Protecting Privacy Using Optimization
Summer 2015 Lee, Changhyeok Mehrotra, Sanjay Power System Operation and Planning under Uncertainty with Robust Optimization
Summer 2015 Shi, Zhenyu Apley, Daniel Manifold Learning for Discovering the Nature of Variation in Nonlinear Profile Data
Fall 2015 Stefan Solntsev Nocedal, Jorge Methods for Nonsmooth and Stochastic Optimization for Machine Learning
Winter 2016 Ouyang, Liwen Apley, Daniel An Optimal Design-of-Experiment-Based Batch Sampling from Databases
Spring 2016 Beck, Ekkehard Armbruster, Benjamin Improving HIV Models with Better Analysis and Simulation of Dynamic Networks
Summer 2016 Jin, Chen Iravani, Seyed Observational Learning and Its Impact in Service Operations: Theory and Experiment
Summer 2016 Rosenbaum, Imry Staum, Jeremy Multi-Level Monte Carlo and Database Monte Carlo for Stochastic Simulation Meta-modeling
Fall 2016 Feng, Ben Staum, Jeremy Green Simulation: Reusing the Output of Repeated Experiments
Winter 2017 Di, Mingyang Klabjan, Diego Making Difference with Optimization and Big Data: Topics in Power Grid Visualization, Airline Fleet Assignment and Sports Play Retrieval
Spring 2017 Keskar, Nitish Shirish Waechter, Andreas Second-Order Methods for Stochastic and Nonsmooth Optimization
Spring 2017 Lin, Yujing Nelson, Barry Simulation Analytics for Input Uncertainty & Virtual Statistics
Spring 2017 Qin, Likuan Linetsky, Vadim The Recovery Theorem and Long-Term Factorization of the Pricing Kernel
Spring 2017 Song, Eunhye Nelson, Barry Incorporating Input Model Risk in Simulation Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification
Summer 2017 Nie, Yutian Linetsky, Vadim Term Structure Modeling at the Zero Lower Bound
Summer 2017 Schecter, Aaron Contractor, Noshir It's About Time: Theorizing the Antecedents and Outcomes of Dynamic Processes in Teams and Multiteam Systems
Summer 2017 Zeng, Yaxiong Klabjan, Diego Machine Learning in Option Markets
Fall 2017 Kilambi, Vikram Mehrotra, Sanjay Applications of Operations Research in Solid Organ Transplantation and Random Utility Choice Models
Fall 2017 Warfel, Joseph Nelson, Barry Operations Management of Food Recovery Programs
Fall 2017 Yagci, Kezban Armbruster, Benjamin Operations Research Techniques in Data Limited Environments: Applications in Public Services
Winter 2018 Wang, Baiyang Klabjan, Diego Selected Topics in Deep Learning and Text Mining
Winter 2018 Wongchaisuwat, Papis Klabjan, Diego Topics in Document Classification
Spring 2018 Basdere, Mehmet Smilowitz, Karen Models and Approaches to Multiobjective Arc Tour Problems with an Application to Marathon Course Design
Spring 2018 Nathan, Alexandros Contractor, Noshir and Klabjan, Diego Essays in Machine Learning, Social Networks and Marketing
Spring 2018 Ng, Jacqueline Contractor, Noshir Teams and Organizing in the Digital Age: How Team Networks Form and Why They Perform
Summer 2018 Jara-Moroni, Francisco Andreas Waechter Methods for Linear Programs with Complementarity Constraints
Summer 2018 Wu, Chenguang Perry, Ohad Queueing Models for Service Systems with Dependencies
Summer 2018 Yang, Ran Wang, Jiping Improving the accuracy of uncertainty quantification in simulation-based modeling problems
Fall 2018 Ansari, Sina Iravani, Seyed Essays on Improving System's Throughput, Customer's Wait-time and Customer's Satisfaction in Service Operations
Spring 2019 Bollapragada, Vijaya Nocedal, Jorge Methods for Deterministic and Stochastic Optimization
Spring 2019 Erickson, Collin Ankenman, Bruce Adaptive Computer Experiments for Metamodeling
Spring 2019 Mays, Jacob Morton, David Pricing Mechanisms in Competitive Electricity Markets
Summer 2019 Bui, Anh Apley, Daniel Statistical Process Control of Stochastic Textured Surfaces
Summer 2019 Shojaei, Nastaran Nohadani, Omid On the Disconnect Between the Modelling and Evaluation in Radiation
Summer 2019 Yang, Haoxiang Morton, David Decomposing Optimization Problems Under Stochastic Disruptions
Fall 2019 Kahvecioglu Askin, Gokce Morton, David Optimization for Clustering on a Graph and Dispatching an Energy System with Storage under Uncertainty
Fall 2019 Luo, Fengqiao Mehrotra, Sanjay Algorithms and Properties of Distributionally Robust Optimization and Its Generalization
Winter 2020 Sharma, Kartikey Nohadani, Omid Optimization under Variable Uncertainty
Spring 2020 Kim, Cheolmin Klabjan, Diego Optimization Methods for Scale Invariant Problems in Machine Learning
Spring 2020 Koo, Jaehoon Klabjan, Diego Topics in Deep Learning Classification
Spring 2020 Zeng, Liwei Smilowitz, Karen and Chopra, Sunil Leveraging Structure in Public School Transportation Problems
Spring 2020 Zhu, Yi Dong, Jing and Nelson, Barry Asymptotic Uncertainty Quantification for Models and Its Application in Efficient Learning
Summer 2020 Duque Villarreal, Daniel Morton, David Risk-averse and Distributionally Robust Multistage Stochastic Optimization
Summer 2020 Han, Eojin Nohadani, Omid and Bandi, Chaithanya Leveraging Structure of Uncertainty for Adaptive Policies in Multistage Decision-Making
Summer 2020 Jiang, Xi Nelson, Barry Reducing and Measuring Input Model Risk in Stochastic Simulation
Summer 2020 Pena-Ordieres, Alejandra Waechter, Andreas Nonlinear Programming Approximations of Chance Constraints
Summer 2020 Yu, Lun Perry, Ohad and Iravani, Seyed Performance Approximation and Scheduling Control for Large-Scale Queueing Systems
Summer 2020 Zhang, Kungang Apley, Daniel Score-based Concept Drift Monitoring and Diagnosis with Applications to Microstructure Nonstationarity Analysis
Fall 2020 Semelhago, Mark Nelson, Barry, Song, Eunhye, and Waechter, Andreas Computational Aspects of Discrete Optimization via Simulation with Gaussian Markov Random Fields
Fall 2020 Surer, Ozge Malthouse, Edward and Apley, Daniel Predictive Models for Group-Structured Regression and Classification Problems
Spring 2021 Boada-Collado, Pol Smilowitz, Karen and Chopra, Sunil Supply Chain Operations with Partial Demand Information and Customer Behavior
Summer 2021 Sangari, Esmat Iravani, Seyed and Duenyas, Izak Pricing and Price-Matching Strategies in Omni-Channel Retail Supply Chains
Summer 2021 Tu, Shenyinying Waechter, Andreas and Wei, Ermin Two-Stage Decomposition Algorithms and Their Application to Optimal Power Flow Problems
Summer 2021 Xie, Yuchen Nocedal, Jorge Methods for Nonlinear and Noisy Optimization
Summer 2021 Zhao, Muchen Linetsky, Vadim Statistical Methods in Financial Markets