Grants and Projects

This list is a sampling of grants received by faculty members in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences.

Data Farming from Simulations for Instantaneous Trade-Off Analysis Using Adaptive Batch-Sequential Experiment Design

Recipient: Bruce Ankenman
Sponsor: Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center San Diego

Collaborative Research: Model-Based Multidisciplinary Dynamic Decisions in Design

Recipient: Daniel Apley
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Crew Recommender for Effective Work in Space

Recipient: Noshir Contractor
Sponsor: NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

Collaborative Research: The Positive Role of Queens on Consumer Value Perception and Firm Profits: Mathematical Models and Laboratory Experiments

Recipient: Seyed Iravani
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

RNN-Based Retention Modeling and Attribution with Inverse Modeling

Recipient: Diego Klabjan
Sponsor: Allstate Insurance Company

Interest Rate Modeling at the Zero Lower Bound: Applications of Diffusions with Sticky Boundaries

Recipient: Vadim Linetsky
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Collaborative Research: Analysis and Solution Methods for Function Robust Optimization Models

Recipient: Sanjay Mehrotra
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Concurrent Optimization of Component Capital Cost and Expected O&M

Recipient: David Morton
Sponsor: Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

GOALI: Computer Simulation Analytics

Recipient: Barry Nelson
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Scalable Learning Methods for Deep Neural Networks

Recipient: Jorge Nocedal
Sponsor: intel Corporation

Service Systems with Outbound Work and Blending

Recipient: Ohad Perry
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

PFI: AIR-TT Safe (Situational Awareness for Events): A Data Visualization System

Recipient: Karen Smilowitz
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Algorithms for Nonlinear Nonconvex Optimization under Uncertainty

Recipient: Andreas Waechter
Sponsor: National Science Foundation