Students receive a solid foundation in industrial engineering, participating in advanced courses, projects, and research.

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program was developed for students interested in probability, statistics, mathematical modeling, economics, and decision analysis. The department offers a wide range of courses aimed at developing both the analytic skills of our students and their understanding of business. Graduates leave with an understanding of how different parts of a system interact and how they can be configured to meet a common goal.

With this background, fundamental industrial engineering and management subjects are studied. These include:

Within these subjects students will find courses in decision analysis, organizational behavior, probability, and mathematical programming. Supporting courses in allied fields of science and engineering broaden a student’s technical proficiency, while elective courses in social sciences, fine arts, history, and philosophy broadens their background.

 For Prospective Undergraduates

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

The bachelor of science in industrial engineering is the second largest program in the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science in terms of the number of students. We graduate about 70 seniors per year, which is also the second largest among all engineering departments.

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Combined Degrees

Northwestern engineering students can take advantage of several combined degree programs offered by McCormick, including the opportunity to earn two BS degrees simultaneously, the BS/MS program, and the Combined Music and Engineering Program.

Double Majors and Combined Degrees

Minors and Certificates

Special Programs